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Accreditation & Registration

Programme and Institutional Accreditation and Registration

Training plays a pivotal role in terms of rehabilitation and sustaining wildlife areas. One of the fundamental strategies of the Southern African Wildlife College (an appointed Centre of Specialisation in conservation education, training and skills development within the SADC region) is to create a new generation of managers who are equipped to deal with the key challenges facing protected area management. Closely linked to the training of these managers is the role that wildlife and nature-based tourism plays in the socio-economic development of southern Africa and in turn, bringing larger areas under protected area management.

The College also ensures that all legal requirements for institutional registration and programme accreditation are adhered to.

Legislative Context

The College is a legal association with the registered name of the Southern African Wildlife College NPC - Registration Numbet 1996/005726/08 - and a non-profit company in terms of the Companies Act, no. 71 of 2008.

The Programme Management Policy is benchmarked against the following legislation and guidelines:

  • National Education Policy Act, Act 27 of 1996
  • Higher Education and Training Act - as amended by the Higher Education Amendment Act (Act No. 39 of 2008)
  • Further Education and Training Act - as amended by the General & Further Education & Training Quality Assurance Amendment Act (Act No. 50 of 2008)
  • SAQA Act - as amended by the National Qualifications Framework Act (Act No. 67 of 2008)
  • Various SAQA Criteria and Guidelines documents such as the Guidelines to Integrated Assessment.
  • Skills Development Act - as amended by the Skills Development Amendment Act (Act No. 37 of 2008)
  • Skills Development Levies Act, Act 9 of 1999
  • ETQA Regulations
  • Requirements of the ETQA/QC with whom the Organisation is accredited / registered (HEQC/UMALUSI/QCTO/ Sector Education and Training Authorities)

The training programmes offered by the College cover the full spectrum of skills needed by field staff and managers of protected areas.

The College also ensures that all legal requirements for institutional registration and programme accreditation are adhered to.

The College also works closely with other training institutions in Southern Africa such as Universities, Technikons and Colleges, to ensure maximum flexibility of career path whilst at the same time providing courses that meet the needs of protected area managers in the workplace.

All courses at the College are needs-driven and have been developed in close liaison with conservation agencies and where appropriate, will be aligned to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in South Africa to facilitate national accreditation.

The College is provisionally registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a Private Higher Education Institution. The registration number with the Department of Education is Reg. No. 2008/HE08/004 and the College has this registration status until 31 December 2016.

The College is also fully accredited with CATHSSETA (Formerly THETA, the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport, Education and Training Authority, Provider - Accreditation No 613/P/000001/2004).

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