Southern African Wildlife College
Make a difference by getting involved 3 June 2016
Funding Needs 18 May 2016
The financial needs of the College, which enables it to carry out its mandate, have grown substantially over the years. Fortunately so too has the reputation of the College which, in turn, has made the expansion of the scope of training offered possible. 
In diversifying its offerings to meet the needs of the industry, the College has embarked on a number of different training programmes and projects aimed at conserving our natural resources and protecting targeted species whilst also helping to capacity build the conservation and tourism industry. This in turn will help to significantly prevent and reduce poverty by maintaining ecosystem services and supporting livelihoods.

Community Outreach 15 May 2016
It has always been part of the College’s culture and a mission to engage with and work with local communities. At the outset, and during the construction phase of the College, local builders and thatchers were further trained and employed. Many of the SAWC staff were also drawn from the local community, a number of whom are still with the College today.
Scholarships and Bursaries 17 May 2016
There is no doubt that the conservation industry and Africa’s threatened species are reliant on having good people who are skilled, educated and motivated and who can make a significant difference at all levels. As such, every effort should be made, whether formally or informally, to develop skills and abilities and to provide opportunities for people to maximise their contribution. The future of the Southern African Wildlife College and the future of Africa depends on it.
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